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Dr and Mrs Schjofield outside Bweranyangi European Rest House at C.M.S. Church-Stone plaited work with thatch (Ankole)

Dr. A. T. Schofield was a missionary and physician who worked under the Church Missionary Society (CMS) in Uganda. In 1927, he was the Head of the then Toro Hospital, now Kabarole Hospital in Western Uganda.

He kept record of all patients admissions and regularly submited reports to the C.M.S. Medical Mission Journal, The Mission Hospital. By this time, Makerere College had already admitted her first Medical Students in 1924 by the names of Dr. Baziwane and Dr. Bamundaga. These were later to graduate in 1928.

The CMS progress in Ankole was a mixed bag of fortunes, considering the already existing traditional divisions between the bahima pastoralists (who constituted a kind of ruling class) and the majority Bairu agriculturalists. The Anglican Church became a religion of the Omugabe and the Bahima, but the Bahima were less than enthusiastic about practicing their religion and tended to leave education to the Bairu.